The profile orientation of the Department is related to the problems of legal protection of natural resources and the environment in general. The coordination of actions of various state and non-state institutions, as well as interstate cooperation is of special importance for their solution, as these problems are not limited to the borders of the state and their effective solution requires the efforts of all.




Scientific activity is carried out by lecturers in accordance with two approved topics of scientific research of the Department: «Improvement of the legal regulation of land, agrarian and environmental legal relations regarding adaptation to the European Union legislation» (number of state registration 0110U003028) – supervisor Professor Nadiia Kobetska; «Actual problems of the ensuring the right to work and ways of its improvement» (number of state registration 0111U007988) – supervisor Associate Professor Nataliia Kohan.

Since 2006, when the Department was established, its staff has been formed as an active scientific community, whose efforts are aimed at successfully solving current scientific and practical problems in the field of environmental, land and agricultural law.

Today the environmental and legal direction of research is coordinated by Professor Nadiia Kobetska. The result of research activities of the Department are successfully defended dissertation research; scientific products in the form of monographs, scientific articles, abstracts of reports at conferences, etc.; organized by the department collective scientific events and participation in the work of similar events conducted by specialized institutions of other scientific and educational institutions to discuss current issues of legal science.

All lecturers of the Department are actively engaged in scientific work. They are authors and co-authors of the

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Scientific and Practical Comments:

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