Educational work

The Department provides teaching of profile academic disciplines for full-time and part-time students of the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree.


For students of the Bachelor’s degree the Department provides teaching profile and elective courses for majoring 081 Law at the Educational and Scientific Law Institute, in particular: «Land Law of Ukraine», «Labor Law of Ukraine», «Environmental Law of Ukraine», «Agricultural Law of Ukraine», «Law of Social Security», «Social Assistance under the Legislation of Ukraine», «Pension Provision of Citizens», and for majoring 013 Primary Education at the Pedagogical Institute: «Labor Law in Education».


For full-time and part-time students of the Master’s degree the Department provides teaching such profilecourses as:«Acquisition and registration of land rights», «Legal protection of lands of Ukraine», «Ecological and legal conflictology», «Contractual regulation of environmental relations», «Permitting system in the field of natural resources use», «Legal regime of agricultural lands», «Legal regime of waste management»,«Environmental safety law» and elective courses:«EU environmental law»/«EU international environmental law», «Labor relations of agricultural enterprises»/«Advocacy in environmental and legal relations»,«Biodiversity conservation and the legal regime of the ecological network»/«Legal regime of waste management», «Implementation and protection of environmental rights of citizens»/«Constitutional and legal principles of environmental protection and use of natural resources», Management of environmental protection and nature use»/«Judicial protection of nature users’ rights», «Legal protection of waters»/«Energy law», «Features of land use for urban needs»/«Legal principles of land management», «Resolution of land disputes»/«Organizational and legal forms of agricultural production».