Project Summary

The improvement of Ukrainian environmental legislation in the context of European integration and its approximation to EU standards present a serious challenge for Ukraine and Ukrainian society. The question of environmental protection is an important part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Moreover, environmental quality is the key element for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

The concept of the project aims to explore the legal provision of a rational use of nature, problems of the guarantee and realization of environmental rights, legal aspects of environmental restoration in the context of European integration of Ukraine in light of the protection of the right to a safe environment in European and Ukrainian legislation.

The target audience benefiting of the project will be: Master’s and PhD’s students, lecturers, scientists, practitioners (lawyers, ecologists, advocates, representatives of local, regional and state authorities) in the field of Environmental Law, interested public.

It is expected that the realization of the project will have the following results: increase the quality of knowledge in the field of EU and Ukrainian Environmental Law; improve students’ competitiveness in the labour market; serve as the basis for future research activities; stimulate the establishment of new research directions; enhance professional development and contribute to the internationalization of the target audience; stimulate the process of developing new and improving the existing Ukrainian environmental legislation according to EU standards; improve the level of the protection of environmental rights.