Participation in Exchange Programs, Studies and Internships Abroad

Lecturers of the department were participants in the international exchange program «Open World», organized by the US Embassy in Ukraine with the assistance and financial support of the US Congress. The main goal of the Open World program is to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the United States by providing opportunities for Ukrainian leaders in various fields to meet with their American counterparts and share experiences and ideas on the most important issues for both sides.

Professor Nadiia Kobetska was in the United States under the program «Open World» as part of a delegation of Ukrainian lawyers from 14 to 24 September, 2011 in Chicago.

The contacts established during the meeting facilitated the establishment of theEducational and Scientific Law Institute cooperation with educational and other US institutions on various activities, in particular, launched a program for the exchange of scientific products with the Library of Congress in Washington.

Associate Professor Svitlana Romanko became a participant in the same program in the direction of «Rule of Law» from 18 to 29 September, 2013.

As a result of visits to US government agencies, law firms and educational institutions, knowledge of the US legal system was formed, business relations were established with the administration of Sunny Law School of the State University of New York (Buffalo, New York), in particular with a professor of environmental law. Erol Medinger University and Rochester College, New York. There was also an opportunity to visit and learn about the work of the state police department and the court for monitoring the implementation of parole in Rochester (New York), as well as the work of a public organization that unites practicing lawyers.

Associate Professor Svitlana Romanko from 12 to 16 November, 2012 and Professor Nadiia Kobetska from 24 to 28 July, 2013 as part of the delegation from Ukraine participated in a special course on law enforcement and criminal prosecution of crimes against the environment in Budapest (Hungary) on the basis of the International Law Academy (ILEA) for full financial and organizational support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EnvironmentalProtectionAgency), the US Department of Justice, the US Department of State, and the US Embassy in Ukraine. Representatives of other countries also took part in the course: Georgia and Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria. During the course, participants received in-depth information on ways to address issues arising from the criminal prosecution of crimes against the environment, the available tools and instruments for the effective conduct of such cases, shared experiences of their countries.

Professor Nadiia Kobetska and Associate Professor Svitlana Romanko participated in the training course «Illegal logging and forestry crimes», which took place with the full organizational and financial support of the US Embassy in Ukraine in the period from September 28 to October 2, 2015 at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA ) in Budapest (Hungary). As a result of the course, business relations were established with the Regional Environmental Center and the International Law Enforcement Academy, new areas of cooperation with both the above-mentioned international institutions and with the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine were outlined.

During January–June 2016, Assistant of the Department Lesia Danyliuk was a student of the online course on international environmental law, developed by lawyers and ecologists of ICO «Environment-People-Law». The program of the course included eight modules, which provided for the study on a special platform of the most pressing environmental issues in a transnational context.

The result of the successful completion of the course was the invitation of Lesia Danyliuk to participate in the international summer school «International and comparative environmental law», organized by ICO «Environment-People-Law» and the Law Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Zhdenievo, Volovets district, Zakarpa region, June 4–7, 2016). Well-known lawyers and ecologists from the USA, Great Britain, Moldova and other countries took part in the summer school.


In 2019, Professor Nadiia Kobetska became a laureate of the Ivan Vyhovsky Award and received the right to undergo a research internship at two Polish universities (Jagiellonian University (Krakow) and Rzeszów University (Rzeszów)). 

From October 1 to November 30, 2019 Professor Nadiia Kobetska passed the first stage of the internship within the internship program «Nagroda im. Iwana Wyhowskiego» at the Jagiellonian University (Krakow). The internship took place directly on the basis of the Department of Environmental Law, Faculty of Law and Administration. The scientific consultant was the head of the relevant department, deputy dean of the faculty Professor Barbara Iwańska (Professor Barbara Iwańska). During the internship there was an opportunity to listen to weekly lectures on the course «Environmental Law in Poland and in the EU», conducted by Professor Barbara Ivanska, and attend practical classes. At the seminar held for masters in environmental law, Professor Nadiya Kobetska presented the report: «Peculiarities of legal regulation of the use of animals in entertainment events in Ukraine» and took part in a discussion on the comparison of relevant standards in Ukraine and Poland. The result of research work were prepared scientific publications, in particular, scientific articles «Features of the legal regime of national parks under the laws of the Republic of Poland», «Categories «environment» and «nature» in the system of environmental law of the Republic of Poland».


From April 1 to May 31, 2021 Professor Nadiia Kobetska took part in the second stage of the internship within the framework of the program «Nagroda im. Iwana Wyhowskiego» at the University of Rzeszów (Rzeszów).


In June, 2022 Associate Professor Lesia Danyliuk, within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the Educational and Scientific Law Institute of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and the Andrzej Frych Modrzewski Krakow University, provided teaching of the academic discipline «Legal Protection of the Environment in Ukraine and the EU» at the Andrzej Frych Modrzewski Krakow Academy (Krakow, Republic of Poland).


From October 24 to November 4, 2022 Professor Nadiia Kobetska visited the Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) as part of academic mobility. The purpose of the visit was to extend the scientific and educational cooperation with the representatives of the environmental law school of the Jagiellonian University, to work in the university library and analyze Polish scientific publications in the field of legal environmental protection, to receive advice on conducting a scientific study devoted to the comparative characteristics of the main legal mechanisms and environmental protection in Poland and Ukraine.

In January 2023, Associate Professor Lesia Danyliuk became a scholarship holder of the program Universities for Ukraine (США). A research project on environmental information provision received support from Yale School of the Environment (YaleUniversity).

From May 8 to 12, 2023 Associate Professor Lesia Danyliuk participated in the international academic mobility program at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (Suceava, Romania) as part of the Erasmus+KA1 project (type of mobility – teaching, total number of academic hours – 8).